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Public Relations Business

   In the professional world one comes across people who are into the habit of projecting themselves as more successful and competent than their peers. This is the driving force behind the public relations business that is omnipresent in every field. The sad truth is that most of us are driven by sadistic instincts wherein we derive sadistic pleasure by belittling others / projecting others as nothing / playing the dirty games of the trade.     Like every other field there is a rat race here too. Everyone wants to show off and make others envious. People talk about luxuries / foreign trips / expensive accessories / jewelry but no one really "TALKS" to one another. Those living in the family are not aware what the members of the family feel / go through. All the years since I began working I never engaged in this race of creating my PR business. Whenever I meet the so called stalwarts of my field and notice their frivolity I make it a point to stand before that person with a s

The New Mindscape

   After the release of lockdown there are still many who feel low. This low feeling is the side effect of the enforced isolation. Hope this feeling vanishes once everyone starts picking up the threads in the external universe. The greatest fear as of now is about the 'new normal' where in you see people around you with masks over the face, sanitisers and protective gears. All life we were taught to hold our dear ones closer and now everything seems different. The new normal is like setting a new mindscape.     The age group of 20 to 70 ( that comprises the major population) has been stamped with the memories of lockdown. This lockdown - where we lived in isolation, the way we changed and how we see others after it. This reminds me of those soldiers who were a part of war - how they would narrate stories of the war to their near and dear ones. The stories of Partition told by its sufferers. All those who were saved from the war / partition were never the same because something

The Tragic Irony

      The indomitable and vivacious characters portrayed by Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) would never have given an iota of doubt to the world of what this sagacious and sanguine gentleman was going through. As always the loquacious ones are out for gaining more publicity by making a statement in the media. The hypocrites of the society are in for preaching to the world and proclaiming on camaradiere and human values like kindness, empathy, fortitude etc. No one is worried as to where the world is heading, what kind of lives are we living, why is the society and family becoming a meaningless unit when it comes to taking care of its members. I believe he tried hard and even insinuated his co-stars but in vain and we lost him too early to the horrifying claws of depression.    The way a person loses control over the self and hands over the self to suicide is really petrifying. Whenever such incidents have occured the so called preachers start preaching and one finds messages and forwards re


   Youngsters have a penchant for loneliness as they cannot bear someone curtailing their desires and preventing them from doing what they want. An analysis done states that in living a life of one's desires; one begins to create a distance with their own family members because youngsters are capricious and do not want the surveillance of any elder - be it a parent / teacher / in laws to advice or admonish. This is a precarious time for the youth and even though they demand solitude; deep down they yearn for togetherness from the people around them. This is the reason why everyone of us loves parties and celebrations.     We isolate ourselves because we do not intend to have ego issues. We fear rejection and never want to be disregarded. This way we allow loneliness to creep into our psyche and in our life. 'Social distancing' makes one more lonely. By distancing ourselves socially we allow loneliness in our life and thus fail to see the larger picture of life where there i


   According to Aristotle, "The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival." What is awareness? Many of us equate it to mindfulness. The essence of awareness lies in living your life with great mental agility and understanding. It is when we become highly attentive about each and every moment about our self and our surrounding. Cultivating awareness requires great efforts and one requires lot of practise to turn it into a habit.     A person first creates an awareness of the self - the body, intellect and mind - gradually the person moves from the self to the surroundings as well as the various facets of life. By being aware, one becomes observant of the self and surroundings. One becomes capable enough to connect, empathise and be responsive to the distress of others and thus render our services. A person who is aware does not indulge in frivolous activities but engages in those activities that will add value t