According to Aristotle, "The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival." What is awareness? Many of us equate it to mindfulness. The essence of awareness lies in living your life with great mental agility and understanding. It is when we become highly attentive about each and every moment about our self and our surrounding. Cultivating awareness requires great efforts and one requires lot of practise to turn it into a habit. 
   A person first creates an awareness of the self - the body, intellect and mind - gradually the person moves from the self to the surroundings as well as the various facets of life. By being aware, one becomes observant of the self and surroundings. One becomes capable enough to connect, empathise and be responsive to the distress of others and thus render our services. A person who is aware does not indulge in frivolous activities but engages in those activities that will add value to life. Anyone who is able to sustain awareness is focused as to do everything perfectly you must have awareness within. When a person is in a state of conscious awareness that person is on the path of enhancing her life. 
   When one is aware; one is able to enjoy and capture each and every moment by focusing on the present. The person can relegate sad memories / grief / anxieties of the past and just remain glued and centred to the present. Nothing dominates the life of the person except the present. This way of living makes us acknowledge the blessings that one has and remain happy by living life to the fullest. Thus one must try to be observant, agile and receptive to our emotions and surroundings in order to live an aware and balanced life. 
   The benefits of being aware are that one can understand anything by the kind of vibes one gets. Being aware keeps you stable mentally. Onc can focus on what is there before us rather than longing for something that can never be with us. If you are aware you will be more responsible of the decisions / choices you have. The awareness within you will make you ignore the views and judgements of those around you. You will never be disheartened by anything because you have made a choice of being aware. 
   The Unlock Phase 1 is our time to be aware of the current situation. One must learn to "RESPECT ALL: SUSPECT ALL because you never know who is the carrier of the disease. Be aware of those around you who do maintain a hygiene or who get together in small / big crowds.  Stay indoors if there is no urgency to go out and above all  always have protection in the form of masks, sanitizers, gloves etc.     
                                                                                "RESPECT ALL ; SUSPECT ALL "



  1. 'Focus on the present'....
    so that u can live life to the fullest...

    nice one mam!!!


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