Public Relations Business

   In the professional world one comes across people who are into the habit of projecting themselves as more successful and competent than their peers. This is the driving force behind the public relations business that is omnipresent in every field. The sad truth is that most of us are driven by sadistic instincts wherein we derive sadistic pleasure by belittling others / projecting others as nothing / playing the dirty games of the trade. 
   Like every other field there is a rat race here too. Everyone wants to show off and make others envious. People talk about luxuries / foreign trips / expensive accessories / jewelry but no one really "TALKS" to one another. Those living in the family are not aware what the members of the family feel / go through. All the years since I began working I never engaged in this race of creating my PR business. Whenever I meet the so called stalwarts of my field and notice their frivolity I make it a point to stand before that person with a smile and a stoic attitude. I block the statements of that particular person and even if they enter my ear; I let them out immediately through my other ear. Everywhere you find people who want to increase their PR value and here I am who is in for - 'let my work speak for me'. The shock came the day I was at a conference with a dear friend of mine. After the registration when we were heading towards the breakfast counters, my dear friend sneaked away saying ' apna PR badhati hoon'. After I had my breakfast and even throughout the day, my friend had no time to come and check on me. That day I shockingly realized  "OMG the world is going nuts over this PR bonding'., which has never been my cup of tea.
   These socialising among your peers and projecting oneself as the best / comparing yourself to others can be deadly. The more you compare yourself to others; the more lacking you will find in you. Why can't everyone just do what he / she is destined to do without comparison? Why can't we just be happy in whatever and however we are? Another bitter truth that I learnt is that a 'tag' does matter...the person never matters. I am working with the tag of a Teaching Assistant (after being an Assistant Professor for 10 years) since 3 years so I do not exist for many of my so called friends even though I am doing much better than them in terms of teaching and research as well as being paid more than them. All these parameters do not bother my real friends; and I have many shoulders to rely on. 
   No one wants to understand the circumstances and no one does care about your honesty. So stop comparing yourself to anyone and enjoy your work to the fullest. In the morning never read the high-life supplements of tabloids as it will make you feel disadvantaged early in the morning and ruin the rest of your day. Trust your potential and keep doing your best. Remember one more sadistic cum psychological truth that - most of us are not happy if we are just better off. Due to this we try to be better than others. But this attitude may ruin your peace of mind. Francois de la Rochefoucauld has  said - 'It is not enough to succeed; others must fail. I abhor this statement because I do not follow it and would never ever want to lose myself in this PR business which is a curse to many of our relations. 
    Only those who use it wisely without ulterior motives can survive positively. If you cannot handle it with care you are bound to lose your real friends and colleagues. You may also lose the trust and support of your  peers when they realise your ulterior motives and watch you trying to influence and impress the authorities for no reason. Stay loyal and dedicated to your job and everything else will follow.


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