The New Mindscape

   After the release of lockdown there are still many who feel low. This low feeling is the side effect of the enforced isolation. Hope this feeling vanishes once everyone starts picking up the threads in the external universe. The greatest fear as of now is about the 'new normal' where in you see people around you with masks over the face, sanitisers and protective gears. All life we were taught to hold our dear ones closer and now everything seems different. The new normal is like setting a new mindscape. 
   The age group of 20 to 70 ( that comprises the major population) has been stamped with the memories of lockdown. This lockdown - where we lived in isolation, the way we changed and how we see others after it. This reminds me of those soldiers who were a part of war - how they would narrate stories of the war to their near and dear ones. The stories of Partition told by its sufferers. All those who were saved from the war / partition were never the same because something deep down within them had changed forever. This change was due to the dehumanisation they faced during those testing times. Some were loquacious about it; some suffered in silence. 
   Life changes; and so do the people of that particular time. Similarly, we all have changed. We have lost intimacy to a certain level and lost the ease with which we lived our life. Everywhere you go, you have to be cautious. The biggest grief is that whether one wants it or not / likes it or not we have to learn to live with the virus now. Intimacy is a way of healing and the biggest necessity. But this testing time has taken away intimacy from us and put us in to the quadrant of physical distancing. Tough as it seems; even tougher to practice it when we see someone we love dearly / friends / relatives / parents staying away from you. 
   To sustain in this time we have to be proactive to remain positive because of the negativity in the environment. We must understand that telling ourselves to 'be positive / think positive' is not enough. We must keep on moving further by unleashing our potential to stand strong in this tough time. Take care of your family / friends . relatives and mostly of those who are fragile. Talk more to each other, play games and do what you love in order to stay calm and balanced. Let us strive to make this new life a world of possibilities for our near and dear ones.


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