The Tragic Irony

   The indomitable and vivacious characters portrayed by Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) would never have given an iota of doubt to the world of what this sagacious and sanguine gentleman was going through. As always the loquacious ones are out for gaining more publicity by making a statement in the media. The hypocrites of the society are in for preaching to the world and proclaiming on camaradiere and human values like kindness, empathy, fortitude etc. No one is worried as to where the world is heading, what kind of lives are we living, why is the society and family becoming a meaningless unit when it comes to taking care of its members. I believe he tried hard and even insinuated his co-stars but in vain and we lost him too early to the horrifying claws of depression.
   The way a person loses control over the self and hands over the self to suicide is really petrifying. Whenever such incidents have occured the so called preachers start preaching and one finds messages and forwards related to it all over the social media. But is this the solution? Is this enough to stop this? Will a depressed person be sensible enough to digest these dose? No, this is not enough. It takes lot of courage, patience and love to tend to such disconsolate human beings. They understand and are aware of everything but have lost control over the self due to the depression. An aficionado  like SSR who has been sanguine about his predicament and has achieved the pinnacle of success in few TV shows and 12 movies must also have comprehended his state of mind. He never mustered the courage to declare it to someone and seek help. 
   The tragic and bitter irony is we as humans are rarely eager to help someone who genuinely needs it. We are highly judgemental of such people who are silent sufferers. Everywhere on social media we find messages and posts of 'reaching out to help friends or your near and dear one'. Everyone enjoys the tamasha that goes on in someone's life but no one really cares. Today if you reach out to someone; you never know how you may have to repay the help. Friends or say the 'so called friends' are the most treacherous because they can use you the way he / she wants or become back stabbers. Be it friends, family or anyone whom you believe is your well wisher most of the times have ulterior motives {there are some rare exceptions). They lend a hand and leave you shattered never to be able to trust a friend. 
   The lesson is stay less connected to social media and stay away from its razzle - dazzle. It is a world with 95% lies. There is hardly any reality in the way everything is displayed on social media. Connect to the real world. Know your lot and nurture your relations in your intimate and personal circles. Stay in live touch with them. Find someone within the family who knows you in and out and whom you can vent out whatever it is. Your parents are your best friends if you learn to listen and talk to them without inhibitions. But the children today trust all excluding their parents. The reasons could be too much of care, protection and love of the parent which the child may find suffocating. But these children must understand that had SSR not lost his mother at a tender age he would have been alive and more strong and alive with us. Understand your parents the way they understand you. Today's parents cry for their children and bear with their misconduct. They are forgiving and generous, But the children never even bother to apologize for their misconduct. Respect what you have in the present rather than regretting in your future about your glorious past.
   I never knew that I loved SSR so dearly. Since two days I am lamenting over the loss of a star who could have still shone brightly. Words are not enough for what Indian Cinema has lost. RIP SSR. 


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