Forgiving a person who has hurt you is a very challenging task. One needs to forgive others for personal freedom, for releasing oneself from the burden of the emotions and live a happy life. But these statements are sugar coated. Forgiving someone is a mammoth task like every other challenging task that a person undertakes. There must be one reason why you want to seek freedom from these toxic emotions. One must comprehend what is at stake and why forgiveness is important for you, your peace of mind and for a happy life. Have we ever paid heed to the consequences of not forgiving? Most of the time people feel a resistance that keeps them from being willing to forgive. They have a misperception about the idea of forgiving and because of this they hold themselves back. 

What Forgiveness is not - Forgiveness is not reconciliation with the one who hurt you. It is not living in denial of the actions of the person. It is not allowing the person to repeat the same behaviour over and over again. It is not having no consequence for a behaviour.It is also not letting someone off the hook.

What Forgiveness is - It is letting yourself out of the painful hook of holding onto something that may no longer be happening. It is allowing yourself to live in the present rather than dragging the past with you and using it as an excuse to feel sorry for yourself and thus hold yourself from forgiving. Forgiveness is for you and about you, not about those who have hurt you. We spend most of our life in resentment, guilt, shame and self sabotage ourselves for our mistakes and the mistakes of others. Ultimately this is highly detrimental for our mental and physical health. Forgive a person but maintain a distance if you feel safe without harboring grudges. Do whatever you have to do with a genuine heart for them and maintain your peace of mind. 

Edgar Cayce has quoted - "True justice is paying once for each mistake. True injustice is paying more than once. Animals pay once, humans pay thousands of times. Every time we remember we judge ourselves and feel guilt over and over again" This sounds so true with most of us who keep on entering into that vicious cycle of toxic emotions and hurting ourselves in the process. Remember, it is better to forgive rather than living with toxicity and putting your life at stake. Do not be taken for granted and if you feel undue advantage is taken due to your forgiving a person it is time you withdraw completely from such relationships and have your peace. Loving yourself and taking care of your mental and physical health must be your topmost priority because you deserve to be happy always.


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