Hold On To Your Peace

All of us have this problem in varying intensities: Either you are a person who can let go easily and refuse to stay in there, or you are a person who holds on and feels incapable of letting go. We are accustomed to holding on to situations, relationships, resentment and dreams. Many of us face situations wherein we require to make a decision - of staying where you are or letting go. Should I stay in this relation or get out of it? Should I look for a new job or remain stuck in the current job? Should I move on from someone / something or should I give it another chance? These are the questions that pop in our minds and trouble us until we make a decision.

Life gives you signals to take charge of the situation. Say for example - it is expected of you to sacrifice your personal beliefs or become someone you are really not. You are unable to recall the time this made you smile. The situation / person made you feel depressed, broken and frustrated. When your trust is continuously broken; your worth / capability is questioned always; you are trapped in a situation where you are making excuses for the other side. We go through this trauma because we are full of fear and doubt.

This fear puts us in a state where letting go is painful; at the same time holding on is painful and feels like hell. At times, letting go makes us free but at times we feel free while we are holding on. Due to this we feel we are entangled in knots; so we reflect but the reflections are tainted with the outcomes that we want. In life, letting go of something has its own bunch of regrets but holding on for long is hazardous and much more destructive than letting go soon. This is a state where one is in lot of anguish with little joy and we are drained emotionally and mentally. In short holding on for long is self destructive and makes matters worse for a person. 

It is better if we allow others to learn their lessons on their own instead of allowing them to take advantage of your predicament. One may never want to give up on someone for whom you care / love / support but things are chaotic and shattering for you and you cannot allow anyone to undermine your worth. If you are in a relationship where you are being cheated / betrayed / hurt again and again but you keep on holding for long and ultimately you suffer the most. There is a quote that says - "Don't let go too soon, but don't hang on too long" The more one holds on to something which is abusive in any manner you are causing more pain to yourself and destroying your self - worth with no results. 

A simple solution to letting go / holding on is that one can question the self: What choice will I make if I neglect the fact about what people will think about me? Is it possible for me to clear my fear and self - judgements? Going through this reflection can be very painful but if you acknowledge that your self - worth is much more than this traumatic experience / situation / relation / job you will definitely be able to tap your internal wealth of courage, resilience and self - worth. This will lead you to find the required external support and you will triumph on the way to live a better and meaningful life.


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