Our Internal Reality

 There is a huge population which is under the impression that surrendering at the feet of a guruji / a baba / a mataji or attending self - coaching classes would turn them into self - realized humans. An important aspect is to be awake internally and become conscious of every thought and action of yours. The key word is 'internal' because without 'internal will' nothing can make you realize the power within you. 

Any success that you achieved in life always began by fighting the internal demons. After conquering these you took up the humongous task of conquering the external demons to achieve success. The internal demons include - fears, lack of confidence / self esteem/ worries / temptations / failures and your past experiences. The list could go on depending on what internal demons one possesses. 

Have you ever taken into account the preponderance of '-ins' on the path of self - realization?  Why do we say in - trospect and not outer -rospect, in - tuition and not out - tuition, in - sight and not out - sight, in - spiration and not out - spiration, in - stinct and not out - stinct? This is because all great breakthroughs have been from our internal: whether it is the generation of an idea / devising a new plan / anything that we wish to accomplish. All famous personalities on the universe understood the power of internal and used it to accomplish their dreams and give new inventions / ideas / results to the world. 

Research has proved  that man uses only 10 % of the mental capacity he / she possesses. It has even been proven that a power exists within us and acts as a driving force in our life. Self - actualization can be achieved by addressing the internals and ACTING. While performing any task stay focused on the task and do not go astray by wandering thoughts and easy jugaads. Knowing yourself internally would escalate you to new horizons in life and bring more productivity to life. It will help you to understand the importance of your relations and teach you to balance between your personal and professional life. 

A person who understands the self at a deeper internal level is able to remain calm under all circumstances. She is more productive and organized. The person is attached on the physical level with all but detached spiritually. The person can very well anticipate the behaviour of the self in certain situations. One can never irritate / intensify the anger of such persons. The knowledge of the internal world teaches the person to stay balanced amidst all odds in life and remain at peace. One must focus on improvising the internal world in order to make the external world beautiful.


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