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Breaking The Rules

Why do humans seek the tingly excitement in pursuing the unattainable? Why do humans crave for that which is forbidden? Rightly said by Mark Twain, " There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable." By breaking the rules we have a sense of self - control and a taste of freedom. We enjoy the freedom that we gain by doing the forbidden. This feeling tempts us to break the barriers and go for that shot of adrenaline.  Some find this adrenaline rush in doing things like shouting on roads / drugs / drinking / having an extra-marital affair / eating unhealthy / cheating on your diet plan / doing things that are risky. We are all curious to do something that is forbidden since our childhood and this behaviour persists even when we are mature adults. This behaviour initiates when we are in the adolescence stage because this is the stage when we seek to reaffirm our persona by marking our space and fields of authority. Every person wants to be recognized in h