Breaking The Rules

Why do humans seek the tingly excitement in pursuing the unattainable? Why do humans crave for that which is forbidden? Rightly said by Mark Twain, " There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable." By breaking the rules we have a sense of self - control and a taste of freedom. We enjoy the freedom that we gain by doing the forbidden. This feeling tempts us to break the barriers and go for that shot of adrenaline. 

Some find this adrenaline rush in doing things like shouting on roads / drugs / drinking / having an extra-marital affair / eating unhealthy / cheating on your diet plan / doing things that are risky. We are all curious to do something that is forbidden since our childhood and this behaviour persists even when we are mature adults. This behaviour initiates when we are in the adolescence stage because this is the stage when we seek to reaffirm our persona by marking our space and fields of authority. Every person wants to be recognized in his / her circle and thus tries to go for the forbidden. 

Whenever any of us does something that is forbidden, it is not necessary that the experience will turn out to be good always. Sometimes we taste the bad while going for the unattainable. The bad experience that we have teaches us a lesson for life. A good experience may make us continue doing the same thing again and again. We have a sharper understanding of our capabilities and where we stand in life. We come to know the loopholes in our personality and we could work upon them too. 

It is on the individual and his / her inner strength of how willing is the person to give in to the forbidden. The reason is that if doing something that is forbidden is an exciting experience you will want to repeat it. If it is a negative one you may regret it / be guilty throughout your life. If you are weak internally you may be in a state of shock for long and sometimes may not be able to overcome from the shock and everlasting regret. Thus whatever you do - forbidden / unforbidden it speaks volumes about your inner strength of mind, the courage you possess and the strength of your personality.

At the root of this lies our basic nature of breaking rules. We do not want any rule book and yearn to have the pleasure of breaking those rules. This is because the basic instinct for growth and survival can be achieved only when one is inquisitive and has the urge to experience something that is exciting. Living by the rules is boring and breaking them teaches us something different. To do something different we need to venture into forbidden domains and taste the the rush of adrenaline alongwith the freedom and excitement. 


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