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Remarkable Women

  After the pandemic struck the world, things changed drastically around every human being. The men and children were at home free from their office work and school work respectively. Working women were confined to their homes but with double workload. The ubiquitous fear of the pandemic compelled everyone to be indoors. The working woman who fulfilled both the duties of her workplace and the home front now had to focus over the household chores. It was only when work from home was introduced that she began juggling with her work and home chores. Every home had a woman but barely did anyone notice her as usual. I say ‘as usual’ because that is what happens in the Indian scenario. It is expected of a woman to be submissive, meek and docile and to suffer and work silently. During the lockdown too, women proved their grit by managing the house without the help of maids / cooks / any kind of domestic help. There were rare places where the men in the house helped the women in doing the home