Among all the feelings that every human being has the worst is the feeling of being unwanted. Being unwanted either at a place / situation / group / by a person. You feel crushed by the weight of this feeling and are depressed. Everyone longs to be loved, appreciated and feel secure in whatever situation he/she may be. This struggle is downright depressing and overwhelming. One is not in control of the self and cries / shouts / vents out in a wrong way. Some prefer to bear silence and gain strength through the struggle that makes one restless and uneasy. You seek solace and comfort through various measures but in reality there is no solace. 

When this feeling of being unwanted comes from a person / circumstance / group where you least expected you find your self - worth crumbling and falling to pieces. What can be done in this tough situation? Either you pick yourself bravely and leave that person / situation / group or you put on a brave face and suffer. When you try to be brave and suffer; you understand that this pain never erases instead it grows more as you are taken for granted. The best thing to do could be to leave and respect your self - worth because each one of us seeks a deep connection in our life and when we do not get it its better to let it be and move on. 

Every human needs to understand that no one can paralyze you unless you give them the permission to do so. Take the reins of your chariot in your hands and do not be afraid to take a stand for yourself. It could be possible that you may have to pay a heavy price for it but you will realize it is for your self respect that you took this stand of getting away from the feeling of toxicity that you got from some person / situation / group. People will take you for granted if you never take a stand and you will remain in a mind boggling situation where you are perpetually feeling unwanted and frustrated. If one's basic need of being loved , wanted and appreciated is never met and you do not get that connection from any relation / group / situation its time you go deep into your inner self and do a soul searching. Learn to love and accept yourself in order to make your future bright. 


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