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You Are Wonderful!!!

   An inadequacy that is very common in Generation X is low self esteem. This is more pronounced in cities where most of the city dwellers are rootless, faceless migrants; who all the time are busy pretending to be richer and better pedigreed than their neighbors. People are so inclined towards money making that they spend half of the life pretending that they hold better jobs, are very educated than they actually are and are far better endowed financially.     People with conscience very quickly get tired of this game and eventually lose belief in their self. These good ones are those with low self esteem because their honesty has thrown them out of the rat race as they were incapable of competing with the deceit of the rat pack. These honest people find it difficult to cope with the hype and hoopla of the strategies required to promote themselves. Be it a teacher, an aspiring writer, a struggling entrepreneur, a budding actor or a corporate executive all have to market themselves as