Decision Making

The quality and efficiency of a decision can never be witnessed when you are the process of making a decision. One understands its impact only after a decision is taken. Not everyone is sane enough to understand the pros and cons of a decision. Many of us live life superficially and are not even aware of what goes within ourselves in the busy life. In such a state of mind it is difficult to understand whether a decision taken is right / wrong. It is only when you delve deep within you realize the consequences of the decision you have taken. 

In the process of decision making a person is always surrounded by choices and picking up the right choice that shapes your life is the toughest decision to make. At times even though you have gauged the decision and weighed the good and bad of it you fail to take the right decision. In such cases think of it as an experience which God wanted you to have. Rather than remaining depressed and noisy about the decision taken think how you can make your life better. It is possible that the road seems flowery before you make a decision but on walking on it you realize that it is thorny at every step you take. The intensity and severity of the situations in which you are stuck has no remedy. You feel stuck and surrounded by gloom over the futility of your decision.

Every being on the planet must understand that whatever happens in our life is destined to happen as God wills it. God wills that you experience and witness your resilience, strength and courage through the tough times. God chooses you time and again for such experiences because he is assured that only you have the will and determination to carry on in this situation. God intends to take you you on the journey of meeting your real self. Never panic and take hasty decisions; always think 1000 times before making a decision. Sometimes before making a decision you know the consequences so never make a choice that you will regret for years to come. Always think of the positive outcomes and if you have made a decision stand by it and take responsibility for it.

Above all, keep praying fervently and develop an intuition that will guide you through the journey of life. Your intuition will guide you in every phase of your life. Meditate regularly and visualize the kind of life you desire and you shall have it sooner / later. Stay strong and remind yourself that, 'this too shall pass'. Go through the experience and learn, unlearn and relearn whatever God intends to teach you. Remember that your decisions have made you the person you are - strong, positive, efficient and resilient towards every thing that comes into your stride. "STAY STRONG; STAY CALM; STAY CONTENT & HAPPY.....this too shall pass and enjoy the process of unveiling your real self which you could not enjoy in the humdrum of your life.


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