Happy Women's Day💐♥️😍

 When I look at women around me I witness the kind of issues that they all are struggling with. Everyone on this planet is fighting their own personal battles. But being the nurturer of the family it is highly imperative for women to take care of their mental and physical health. We all multitask and women are great multitaskers compared to men. In today’s age even though we find people getting vocal about mental health and its issues we need to understand that it is just the tip of the iceberg as there are many of those affected who have never dared to speak of it nor shared it with anyone.

The reason that I can relate with is that despite all the drama of sisterhood / womanhood by the leading women / feminists around us women are unable to empathize with another. They behave and treat one another as rivals. When one woman confides in another woman it is the duty of that woman to empathize and understand rather than judging and labelling her. Such incidents always occur in everyone’s family because when it comes to understanding one another we always look at it from our perspective.

We all behave differently based on the importance and relation of a particular person in our life / our needs. I am a mother to my son so my behavior is going to be different towards him and the same behavior cannot be expected from me for other kids. Similarly your behavior would be different towards others based on the relation you have with them. One cannot expect the same behavior for all as relations and its importance are different. During a conversation between 2 women who are sisters in law (nanand – bhabhi) if the bhabhi shares something about her in laws who are the parents of the nanand, and if the nanand takes this as an offence and harbors grudges against her bhabhi will there be harmony in the relation? Here is where empathy and sisterhood need to be displayed. But what happens is the opposite in every household. A daughter in law must never complain / share her issues with anyone. In case she shares she is labelled, judged and suffers serious consequences. The reactions in such cases are always negative and biased based on personal experiences. Instead the nanand must understand that the in laws about whom the bhabhi has complained / shared something are good / right for her because they are her parents and are the in laws of the bhabhi so obviously the behavior will be different. This does not pertain to our relatives but also with our women friends and colleagues. It could happen between 2 sisters / 2 colleagues / 2 friends. 

I see umpteen number of women going through this. They all fight and sever their ties with one another due to this lack of perception towards each other. I wonder when this understanding and empathy will dawn upon the women around me. If this happens then life will really be meaningful and worth living for all women as they don’t need anyone’s support if they have the support of the women in their family / around them. Women need to take a break from making judgements and engaging in gossip related to such issues. This disrupts the harmony within relations. This vindictiveness and lack of empathy in behavior towards one another definitely takes a toll on the psyche of people especially women. Women must learn to protect their mental health and look for signs that demonstrate that they need help.

Giving below are some signs to help you with this -If you are feeling irritated over trivial things, if you are lacking motivation even for those things that you love to do, if you are suffering from anxiety or get panic attacks. Many women have trouble in falling asleep or their sleep is broken in the middle of the night. You lack patience and get short tempered with people around you. You lose your appetite and have a low grade stomach ache continuously or there is a constant feeling of butterflies in your stomach. You begin to cry unexpectedly. You feel empty. You go about with your routine without feeling anything emotionally. You are completely detached from reality. You are unable to find a connect with your life. If any of these signs are found in you then it is high time that you take a charge of the situation and look for therapeutic help to heal yourself from the traumas and issues that lie deep within you.

If a woman is mentally and physically healthy she can take care for her family and continue doing whatever she wants to do in her life. Please do not blame yourself for anything that has come your way or taken place in your life. Everything happens to give you an experience and widen your horizons. Do not grieve for all that has passed. Think of what else can you build / achieve. Be stronger and emotionally stable with every moment that passes. Do take time to understand one another and establish the rapport and sisterhood in its real sense. Let your life and presence be an epitome of joy, empathy  and forgiveness for other women around you. Wishing you all a very HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY… STAY SAFE AND TC OF YOURSELF AS YOU ARE THE TORCH BEARER FOR  A EMPATHETIC, FORGIVING AND EVER TRANSITIONING SOCIETY WHERE YOU CAN BRING A CHANGE THROUGH GENUINE SISTERHOOD WITH ONE ANOTHER.


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