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A Wolf In A Sheep's Clothing

   If only each of us could ever anticipate the perils of opening up before someone!!! It would be a boon if we would all have the power to see through the other person and know if he  she were trustworthy or not. All of us pay a huge price when we trust a wrong person and vent out our darkest fears / sorrows / mistakes. We are taken away by the good looks, some behavior at a particular moment or some charisma that follows. Thus we end up risking our secrets to someone who is more troublesome than the worth they hold. There are people who 'sleep their way to the top' by using their charm, sex appeal or anything through which they achieve what they desire.Amidst all these wolves, thankfully we do have people who are our genuine friends and before whom we can open up without inhibitions and any risk. But the point is - the worst that we face when we open up before the wrong set of people. We are left with more troubles and immense pain that the betrayal has caused. The betrayal o