A Wolf In A Sheep's Clothing


 If only each of us could ever anticipate the perils of opening up before someone!!! It would be a boon if we would all have the power to see through the other person and know if he  she were trustworthy or not. All of us pay a huge price when we trust a wrong person and vent out our darkest fears / sorrows / mistakes. We are taken away by the good looks, some behavior at a particular moment or some charisma that follows. Thus we end up risking our secrets to someone who is more troublesome than the worth they hold. There are people who 'sleep their way to the top' by using their charm, sex appeal or anything through which they achieve what they desire.Amidst all these wolves, thankfully we do have people who are our genuine friends and before whom we can open up without inhibitions and any risk.

But the point is - the worst that we face when we open up before the wrong set of people. We are left with more troubles and immense pain that the betrayal has caused. The betrayal of letting out our secrets before those who really matter to us - be it family / friends / colleagues. The scars leave a indelible pain that leaves us grieving for the irreparable loss that has happened at the hands of person who was not trustworthy / not worth sharing your secrets.

One must remember that you may never want everyone to know your secrets because once this happens you are in a vulnerable position. Never ever vent out before such people who may use your secrets to climb up the ladder and not give you the trust that you deserved. In case you have opened up before someone make sure that the other person will never ever give away this information to anyone and put you in an awkward and embarrassing situation. The best way to avoid this situation is to develop a mindset that anything yo speak or do can always be used against you by anyone around you. Once you are aware of this you will definitely be aware of what you say. Never utter anything that will give rise to fear once repeated. It is wisdom to understand that gossip is always cruel than the grave.

All the ones who are around you may not be there with a good motive and are there to use you. If you are in power they intend to use you for their gains and may pretend to be very sweet and genuine which they actually aren't. Learn to identify the wolves who come into your life in the disguise of sheep. Not all relations remain the same forever. Things may turn sour at any point in life. therefore the wisest thing is to think hundred times before we let out information about ourselves. Only you can save yourself from being vulnerable and exposed. So develop the sanity of staying cautious at every step and in every relation.

As observed in many relationships, too much of self disclosure can lead to greater issues like - lack of intimacy, too much of knowledge about you may leave the person with a wrong impression about you. You may have shared your pain / secrets thinking of the person as your soulmate but the soulmate knows you so much that for everything you do you will be judged based on whatever you shared. The amount of information disclosed by you has pushed them away from you. This mostly happens in marriages and even among friends. The friendship may deteriorate to such an extent that a once in a time best friend has turned into a bad friend. Understand that not everyone you meet has your best interests in mind and it is best to keep our guards up in today's time.

One need not tell everything about their life to someone whom you have just met. Let the trust develop gradually. Understand that being mysterious is good when you meet someone new. Let the aura of mystery be a protection for you from the wolves who are disguised as sheep. Open up cautiously before strangers whom you meet as colleagues / friends / relatives / lovers / spouses etc. It is best not to rebound quickly when it comes to the matters of the heart because we are emotionally vulnerable after a breakup / divorce. Give yourself time to heal and mend yourself rather than rebounding immediately.

All said and done howsoever cautious people are if things are going to be in bad shape just because of your self disclosure take it as the biggest lesson of your life and let it go. Harboring resentment over spilt milk will do no good to you except giving you more heartache. Learn to identify the wolves who come into your life disguised as sheep for their personal / professional gains. Do not be exploited by them in any way and never end up opening up before wrong persons.


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