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The Loss Of A Loved One

 The pandemic phase that has escalated its reign on the planet has proved fatal for many families who have lost their near and dear ones (father / mother / husband / wife / child / brother / sister / friends / any relatives.The ones who succumbed to this virus and the ones who were tending to them are in a horrendous state of mind. The incident of the death of a loved one causes great upheaval and the person goes through an emotional crisis where he / she experiences bereavement. Apart from this there are various emotions that go on within those who are grieving for their loved ones. Emotions like shock, confusion, sadness, denial. yearning, disbelief, guilt, anger, humiliation and despair are experienced by them. These emotions are experienced even in cases when a death is expected. These emotions are natural as death of a loved one makes us numb and shocked. They may be experienced by all in varying intensity. Even the mental stability of a person could get affected by the loss becau