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Closure in Relations

  We are social animals who are caught in the webs of our relations around us. Maintaining these relations is not an easy task. One has to invest time, love, care, understanding and honesty in the relations. What if we lose one of these relations? What if we have had a long dispute with one of them? What if one of the relations betrays us? These kind of things do happen in any relation. It could be between two friends, between a couple, between 2 members in a family etc. Whenever there is an issue in a relation and it goes through turbulent times it becomes difficult for both the parties to reach to a reconciliation. Some relations just break or are severed due to the issues / lack of understanding / various other reasons like dishonesty, lies, deception, betrayal and many other factors. Sometimes both the parties do not have an effective closure. The lack of a closure gives rise to many problems within the person. The person cannot live in peace / faces health issues - physical / ment