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The Best Teacher

Despite all odds you must remember that you are strong. Do not underestimate your power. The power of living a life of your choice, doing what you want, exploring new arenas, getting physically and mentally fit. So what if you had a bad experience? So what if you were betrayed? So what if you met the right person at the wrong time? So what if you had multiple breakups and hook ups? So what if your dream job is not the right fit for you? So what if you had a bad interview? So what if you are drudging on with life? So what if you are faking to the world? So what if you just got divorced / still single? So what, so what, so what to all the 'ifs and buts' which you think about yourself and doubt your self.  The above 'so what' questions and many more may be on your list. But despite all odds if you are alive today remember God has destined that you live the life he blessed you with. The above list could vary or match with so many of us, yet we carry on with life. We try to