The Best Teacher

Despite all odds you must remember that you are strong. Do not underestimate your power. The power of living a life of your choice, doing what you want, exploring new arenas, getting physically and mentally fit. So what if you had a bad experience? So what if you were betrayed? So what if you met the right person at the wrong time? So what if you had multiple breakups and hook ups? So what if your dream job is not the right fit for you? So what if you had a bad interview? So what if you are drudging on with life? So what if you are faking to the world? So what if you just got divorced / still single? So what, so what, so what to all the 'ifs and buts' which you think about yourself and doubt your self. 
The above 'so what' questions and many more may be on your list. But despite all odds if you are alive today remember God has destined that you live the life he blessed you with. The above list could vary or match with so many of us, yet we carry on with life. We try to live by being strong and dying within. But dying within does not go on for long. There will be a time when you will get tired of yourself and think of either ending your life / finding a solution to your question. Life is a strict master who is never merciful towards the student. Life teaches the toughest lessons through the worst situations and we all endure and survive. We are born to be survivors amidst all the chaos. We are destined to undergo the trials and tribulations that life has designed for us and emerge as winners / losers.  

Do not be disheartened during the trials. Keep praying and affirming your faith in the Almighty. Never doubt the intentions of God despite all odds. God's presence is always around us but we deny him; we fail him. Your courage lies in remaining calm amidst the chaos and smiling. I have learnt my lessons in life through my experiences of life and many were brutal. I have had major ups and downs personally and professionally. The pain and laceration of the trials, the betrayal, the deprival and my failures have not left me. I continue learning from those lessons. I pray fervently for the strength to endure and emerge as a phoenix from my ashes. I strive to improve myself every moment. The worst part is forgiving your self. It is difficult for me to still forgive myself for the mistakes I committed / for trusting the wrong persons / for being blind to the conspiracies / many other reasons. 
What I learnt is that the world does not really bother or care what goes on within your life because as per a quote - "Kaha zakhm khol betha pagle!!! Ye namak ka sheher he". The world is mostly full of people who are happy to see someone in trouble. Everyone has their own cross to carry rather than helping you with your cross. You may rarely find a person in the form of a friend / companion / brother / sister / any other relation who genuinely care for you. If you have one please never let that person down. Remain loyal, humble, caring and forgiving towards this person. They are like your mirrors who show you the real picture. Be glad and grateful that you have someone like this.
The best teacher - Life is going to have shocking ups and downs which will leave you shattered , baffled and devoid of everything you love the most. Do not be disheartened and overshadowed by these. Strive to find amicable solutions that make life easy to live. Do not harbor grudges against life as it give you joy too. If you do not complain when in joy how can you complain when in sorrow? Just go with the flow, observe, meditate and learn to endure. Savor the moments as if your are savoring your favorite delicacy and enjoy the lessons of the best teacher called life to the fullest amidst the punches. 


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