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The Song of Life

  Life gives us innumerable memories through the moments that we have lived. These moments are visible to us when we close our eyes. We are able to live each and every moment as if it is real and happening again. Even though there are umpteen emotions attached to those moments; I would classify them into two categories: Happy and Sad. The happy moments rejuvenate us whereas the sad moments kill us slowly. Believe it or not the sad moments are a reservoir of strength from where we gain courage, patience and tolerance in our present and future endeavors.   We always remember the impact of happy moments in our life and we keep basking in the joy of those moments. But I firmly believe that a person evolves more as a human being due to those sad and painful events that take place in her / his life. They add value to this rigmarole of life. I have a painful habit of recording everything mentally and rewinding those moments by connecting them to events that occur in my life. There are barely