The Song of Life


Life gives us innumerable memories through the moments that we have lived. These moments are visible to us when we close our eyes. We are able to live each and every moment as if it is real and happening again. Even though there are umpteen emotions attached to those moments; I would classify them into two categories: Happy and Sad. The happy moments rejuvenate us whereas the sad moments kill us slowly. Believe it or not the sad moments are a reservoir of strength from where we gain courage, patience and tolerance in our present and future endeavors.  

We always remember the impact of happy moments in our life and we keep basking in the joy of those moments. But I firmly believe that a person evolves more as a human being due to those sad and painful events that take place in her / his life. They add value to this rigmarole of life. I have a painful habit of recording everything mentally and rewinding those moments by connecting them to events that occur in my life. There are barely few painful incidents that have erased from my memory due to my obstinacy of not letting them go. I draw strength from them in testing times. I have memorized the lessons those painful events have taught me and thus I abstain myself from repeating the mistakes. 

If we examine this situation psychologically it is harmful for a person to do so because the psychosomatic impact that it has on the person could be more devastating. But I have become an expert in dealing with myself and this has kept me free from such harm. Rewinding the memories and revisiting them again and again is a technique of NLP that programs your brain to deal with them based on the commands one gives. It does not happen overnight. One goes through hell a number of times before becoming adept in dealing with the pain. I have suffered immensely in learning to deal with my pain and making it a reservoir of strength for me. 

There are many around me from whom I gained the inspiration to convert my pain into my strength. These people stand on a higher pedestal when it comes to dealing with the pain and struggles of life. I am blessed and fortunate to meet such strong human beings who are the epitome of wisdom, courage, inspiration and guidance in my life. It is not that I don't falter; I do fail in testing times in coping up with the struggles at times. Most of us learn this art of gaining strength from our pain and diverting our energy into something creative. I keep myself busy round the clock doing something or the other. I have learnt to channel my energy in distressing times.

Finally, every person has a story from which one thrives in life. Each one of us is uniquely blessed and has successfully dealt with the ups and downs of life. The moments of glorious joy and wrenching pain both make a person. It is up to you to decide whether the pain makes you or breaks you. If happy moments make life worth living never forget that the sad moments teach you to live by endurance, patience and faith in God, the Almighty. God tests you according to your caliber so do your best and shine outstandingly in this journey of happy and sad moments by singing the song that life wants you to sing.


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