The Disdain


To achieve psychological richness one needs to tame the mind to remain balanced as per the transitions / time. Psychological richness can be achieved only when one is patient / conquers impatience in the self. One needs to learn to control the feeling of disdain towards known / unknown persons around them. To let go of the disdain directed towards unknown persons is a child's play because one can get rid of it by controlling your thoughts. For example, if I say that I dislike Salman Khan; I will not be disturbed by this nor will I be sentimental for it. BUT the issues start when this disdain is directed towards those persons with whom we have to deal with regularly / live with them under one roof. The relationship holds great importance and one has to stay in control of such emotions as it could lead to chaotic situations. One needs to persevere hard to stay in control of the disdain and let go of stuff that hurt you. Disdain is like a bottled genie; if this genie is out of the bottle it is impossible to imprison it again. One has to think thousands of times before expressing disdain towards the person with whom one has to deal regularly OR if expressed one has to be prepared for the daily fights / confrontations / arguments. 

This is what happens in most of the families / workplaces / any interaction where there are persons whom one dislikes. Yet, one is compelled to bear with that particular person due to one or the other reason. We find it taxing to the mind to deal with the chaos that the disdain creates within us. If it is someone at the workplace then it could be forgotten once you leave the workplace after your daily duty but if one is highly sensitive to it then the person suffers miserably. It could be possible that one may even compromise with the situation and reconcile. But the reconciliation does not happen if the disdain is towards a family member. 

If you are full of disdain for someone then never indulge in raking up the past. Know your limit while dealing with the person to avoid expressing disdain in one or the other way. One needs to reflect on the reasons for disdain towards a person. Is it some habit that you do not approve of ?  Is it a behavior of the past that gave rise to disdain within you? Reflecting upon it in this way will enable you to stay in control of your self and your emotions. Remember, it is not necessary that you will totally like / love everyone. Nor are we going to totally dislike someone because no person is completely unlikeable / unlovable. If you need to interact with such a person then direct your mind towards the positive side of such persons and stay mindful and healthy. Whether you like it or not; these persons are never going to change. If at all they change it will be a change for their convenience and their feasibility. But you are the one who is in control of your own reaction and behavior to live a peaceful life.  Do not give them control over your life; instead you maturely control your life by being mindful.


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