Be The Summoner Of Your Life

According to the Law of Attraction : " That which is like unto itself is drawn." Based on this powerful law it is understood and known by us that the Law of Attraction is our Universal Manager that lines up all thoughts that match one another. Wherever you focus your attention you emit a vibration, these vibrations that you emit equal to your asking and finally it equals your point of attraction. Just focus on what you desire that you do not possess currently, put all attention upon it, and by the Law of Attraction it will come to you. Because as you think about that one particular thing you emit a vibration, and by the Law of Attraction that very thing is bound to come to you. But most of us focus all our attention on the things that we do not have, and thus the Law of Attraction continues to match that not having it vibration. Thus we continue to not have what we desire.  Be Aware Of What You Attract To bring something that you desire, one has to achieve vibrationa

My Unexpected Bundle of Joy

I often wonder in tough times on the existence of God - Is God there? Does God care for me? But its only when the going gets tough & I get stronger I realize that the strength to go on comes to me through the grace and blessings of God. We all look around for happiness in a variety of things. Like I derive happiness in reading, taking lectures at college, singing and most of all these in shopping 😇😊. But all that happiness which I gain from shopping is ephemeral whereas the joy and delight I attain from teaching my students and trainees, by being amidst them, by reading, singing and doing the tasks on hand with precision remains eternally with me. It keeps me more focused. Despite of it all, as a human my trust in God & his existence falters. But today I received an unexpected BUNDLE OF LOVE & JOY. I was waiting for my train on Surat station on the platform. On platform 2 I could see the Double Decker Exp. waiting for departure. And I receive a call. The mobile screen r

Power of Positive Words

It is impossible for humans to live without language/words. Words are an important part and parcel of our life, our personality, our dreams & everything about us. There is no communication possible without words. The point is how mindful are we about the words we use. We never even bother what effect our words have on our life and our progress. Every word we think/speak rings a bell into our whole system. The whole system gets affected by the positive/negative impact of that particular word. For instance, we all know that happiness & sadness, pain & pleasure are the two sides of the same coin. But the impact these emotions create in our system is unbelievable. In situations of joy the whole body stands in resonance to our whole neurological system & lets out positivity. Whereas in negative situations we emit negativity - which is disastrous for us as well as for those who are around us. A negative 'chemical locha' occurs in our whole system which upsets every

NLP for Students

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study for modelling excellence, where 'N' stands for Neuro : our first mental map of the world which is formed by our internal representations from our 5 senses namely visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory & gustatory. 'L' stands for Linguistic where we form our second map of the world around us through our assigned language, even known as our Linguistic map. 'P'  stands for Programming or our behavioural response towards the incidences that occur in our life due to the neurological filtering and our language map.  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a tool for self-motivation and personal development. The teachers today have recognized that the principles of NLP are significantly parallel to Howard Gardner's 'Theory of Multiple Intelligences'. We all have our 'representational systems' where we process sensory information. Many of us display a preference for one system even though we all

Personality Development

When we look at the fashion model on the cover page of a celebrated magazine, we usually find ourselves saying or thinking “wow, what a personality, wish I had one”. To be an owner of a personality similar to a ramp model takes lot of physical labour, endless gym sessions and numerous food and lifestyle changes. If you are thinking that this much hard work can shape up a pleasing personality, then I regret to disappoint you. The answer is certainly a NO. Personality is the sum total of what we carry in the inside and radiate on the outside. Without a positive & smarter inside, an attractive outer appearance would just look like a pricey paintwork on a rugged wall, just there to hide the flaws inside. And hence, not merely a crash course to look good, personality development is an approach and an art to be mastered by all. In a nutshell, personality development is a process which develops an individual’s overall personality in the terms of his/her behaviour, attitude, responses an

The Emotional Bank Account

All of us   understand  what a  bank  account is. It  is   wherein  we  put  our  cash , make deposits, save for the  future , and make withdrawals  while  we  need  to. An Emotional B ank  Account is a metaphor that describes  the amount  of  trust  that has  built  up in a relationship. It 's  feeling  safe  with  some other  human being. Trust is what  allows   humans  to take  risks  and fail freely  due to the fact  there may be  a bond with  each other . If I make deposits into an Emotional B ank  Account  through  courtesy, honesty and  with the aid of   keeping  my commitments to you; if I  continually   deal with  you with kindness and respect towards you, I  acquire  a treasure. Your trust  toward  me increases, and I  can  rely upon that trust  in times of   need . It  is  even  feasible  to overdraw my account at  times   because  I' ve   mounted   good   credit  with you. I' m able to  make  errors  and that trust  level , that emotional

Self Worth

You and only you have the wisdom of what you are and what you can achieve. Don't be misguided by the conceptions of others. You have the key to your life/ success/ joys and everything you seek. No one has the power to demean you unless and until you give them the power.  KNOW YOUR SELF WORTH, UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL AND YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF EXCELLING IN EVERYTHING. SHUN OFF THE NEGATIVITY THAT FEELS YOU SOMETIMES, GET AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE AND YOU WILL BE A WINNER IN LIFE.